Top 7 Reasons To Work Remotely

Top 7 Reasons To Work Remotely

As much as we all want to excel in our individual careers, we don’t want to do it at the expense of our happiness. Unfortunately, many people keep their jobs even though they don’t like it. The long aged tale of wearing corporate attires (which are often uncomfortable) and sitting behind the same standard office furniture is still the story of many people.

It is high time we all realized that life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t enjoy or things that would take a huge portion of your working life. If you are tired and want to make a change, then I encourage you not to look back. Remote work is the gist and I won’t be doing well not to tell you all about it.

So, why should you go remote?

I’m going to be very sincere with you- working remotely is awesome. Career sabbaticals, flexitimes, private contracts and other flexible jobs might come close but I can assure you, remote work is the future of modern workforce. There’s absolutely nothing like it. Remote work is FREEDOM and the only viable way to strike that balance between your work and life.

If you wish, trump anything brick and mortar can muster up, remote work is the way to go if you want to stop saying “goodbye” to your family every morning and “hello” to the heavy traffic congestion that awaits you. Imagine commuting for long hours and thinking about the nice dinner you could be having at the same time. Imagine receiving a fat paycheck every month and yet you don’t get enough time to do the things you love to do with it.

Only a few years ago, remote work was nothing more than a thought pattern for some individuals who craved for more freedom from work. It obviously didn’t look like something that appealed to many companies across several industries. Today, the story is completely different as more establishments are adopting a work culture that allows their employees to work from outside their office cubicles.

Even though some people are just not caught out for remote work, I personally recommend it to everyone and if you are curious to know why, then check out the benefits below:

  • Freedom to Travel

I once asked a frecruiter about the benefit of working remotely. And here’s what she said:

It’s not even up to 2 years since I started working remotely and I’ve already been to 7 different countries- Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Paris, Spain, England and Morocco. And before you start thinking these trips were for business, let me inform you that these were my own personal treats.

Call it holiday, vacation, change of environment, or whatever; the most important thing is that I get to travel whenever I choose to. And that’s simply because am working remotely.

  • Freedom to be at home with family and pets

It’s very rare to find traditional offices that allow you bring your kids or chilly dog to work. No one says you have to do that all the time but sometimes it’s just necessary.

 Working remotely affords you plenty of time to be with your kids and/or pets. You don’t have to wait till the weekend before you take the dog for a walk around the block.

There are certain days our kids just want us around all day; they want to tell us stuffs they feel we should know. If you are busy somewhere in an office, you might get the time to do these things due to exhaustion time lags caused by long commutes.

Remote work helps you to easily create that work-life-balance.

  • Freedom to decide your day

I dislike the same morning routine and commuting. It makes me sick. Thank God am done with it! If you are working in an office, then you have to keep to the office hours no matter what; whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, there’s another time waster you can’t avoid and that’s commuting.

Imagine a situation where you work from 9 am to 5 pm every day. In this case, you probably need to wake up around 7 am so you can be on the road at most by 8:20 am. Let’s assume you get back on the road by 6 pm after the close of work and you arrive home at 7 pm (of course, this schedule can only work when the road is not too jam-packed).

When you do the math you will discover that you’ve spent have of the day (12 hours) working and hoping from one train to the other. If you ask me, that’s not the best way to live; that is just like dedicating almost all your active hours in a day to work. That can make anyone loose his (her) sanity.

Hopefully, you can avoid all these when you choose to work remotely. Instead of jumping from one train to the other or queuing up on the road every evening because of the heavy traffic; you can do healthier things like exercising, eating a nice meal, drinking enough coffee or just watching TV. The point am trying to make here is that you are an adult and so you should be able to do what you want.

  • Freedom from boring meetings

During my years in those corporate cubicles, sales and marketing teams made my heart heavy when they drag me along their boring meetings. And am sure you are passing the same ordeal if you are still working in an office environment. If there is anything I would like to do now, it would be to write the teams and tell them how their thought processes, their cleverly worded pitches, their achievements and the purported effects on the company does not bother me. Am sure most people in those meetings like me do not care even though we all pretend to be having a good time.

Instead of sitting tight in a conference room and listening to your long talks, I would prefer to teleconference from my home office or any other location of my choice, where I can listen passively to you guys while carrying on with my own job. No doubt, you guys are doing a great job but seriously you are wasting my time. I have a lot of work piled up on my desk and I’ve got not enough time for your nice long speeches. Besides nothing you say will have much impact on my own work. So let’s help each other-summarize everything you have to say and bullet-point it on paper. I will be happy to glance at it when I get the time.

  • Freedom from strict dress codes

One of the challenges I faced as a retail manager was to constantly update my wardrobe with professional attire so that I can really look like a manager. And am sure most workers in traditional offices also go through the same thing.

As an employee in a workplace, you can spend anywhere between $100 to $1000 on clothes ranging from suits, tailored shirts and skirts, shiny shoes and heels; it all depends on the post you are holding and the company’s dress code. Such regular expenses might not have a good effect on your purse.

However, when working remotely, you can wear anything and dress anyhow as long as it doesn’t make you comfortable. If you like working mobile, then you can wear a nice top or t-shirt with a pair of jean to go along with it. However, if you prefer working at home, then you can even wear pyjamas. Am enjoying the life and am sure you will too.

  • Freedom to work anytime and from anywhere

We work so that we can have money to spend; unfortunately our work restricts us from having genuine freedom.

Genuine freedom encompasses financial freedom. Being able to work from any location is one the best ways to enjoy a liberal lifestyle and that is why we digital nomads cannot give up what we do. Imagine being able to travel when you want to and working from anywhere.

That’s what remote work offers you-location independence. You can change your schedule anytime you like to meet other needs. However, with the great flexibility it offers, remote work requires a lot of discipline and responsibility.

  • Freedom from distractions (Improved productivity)

You might not expect this one but it’s absolutely true. Besides the long commutes, there are many distractions that will arise every now and then when you are working in a corporate environment. These may range from gossips and backbiting to sickening health problems. Under these conditions, it’s is usually very difficult for workers to achieve maximum productivity.

However, when you work from home or any other location that shelters you from these distractions, you are more likely to experience a surge in your productivity.

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