10 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

10 Best Courses to Study in Nigeria

You’ve probably heard someone say stuff like-“there are no jobs in Nigeria” or “Nigerian graduates are unemployable”.

Whether the problem is with the unavailability of jobs or the unemployability of graduates, we all know how important it is to get a good degree from the university. Seriously, not every degree can land you a good job after school especially in a country like Nigeria, where nothing seems to be getting better.

While some degrees will earn you a good spot in Shell or Zenith Bank, some wouldn’t even get you a position as an office assistant. So, before choosing any course to study, there is a need for you to consider the opportunities it holds for you after school.

With this in mind, here are 10 best courses to study in Nigeria.

Engineering- Image


If you are looking for the highest paying courses in Nigeria, Engineering will make a great choice. I say this, not because am a prospective engineer, but because the course is really great.

My only concern is that, in Nigeria, no real differentiation and regulation is made in the discipline just like medicine.

Anyone on the street can be called an engineer, as long as they can repair a car or connect wires, however, not everyone can be called a doctor, unless they have the degree.

Notwithstanding, engineering is a very marketable course that finds application in many industries. The most popular ones are chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical and electronics engineering.

Mass Communication

With a degree in Mass Communication, you can easily get a position in either the private or public sector. You will get to meet and interact with new people almost every day.

Some of the places you could work include Newspaper firms, Magazine firms, TV stations, Radio Stations and some special government agencies, amongst others.


For me, marketing is one of the coolest course anyone can study in Nigeria. No matter how good a product is, it is useless until it sold to consumers.

Companies can’t sell their products without marketers. Every firm needs marketers, even the government. With this degree, you can work anywhere. If you know how to get around people, then you’ll definitely be a hot cake.


Just like medicine, Biochemistry is now a very popular field in Nigeria. It is one of the most marketable courses in Nigeria.
Graduates with this degree are now highly valued just like medical doctors. Some of the places you can work include hospitals, pharmacy, government health agencies, and universities, amongst others.


For a long time, Geology has always been one of the best courses to study in Nigeria. Interestingly, it still is.
The nation is blessed with a lot of natural resources and geologists are continuously needed to explore these resources and discover more.

Since oil is the biggest thing in Nigeria now, don’t be surprised to find yourself in Total Plc, Shell, or Chevron. Not just oil, you can work anywhere, as long as they have to mine something from the earth.


In a country where crime is on the increase, Lawyers are needed now more than ever. No doubt, the law is one of the most respectable courses. It is also one of the best art courses to study in Nigeria.

Although you may not become rich overnight with the degree, you will definitely live comfortably as long as you’re good at what you do. Apart from defending people in court, you can become a company or family lawyer.


Unlike banking and finance, a degree in accounting will take you to places beyond the banking sector. You can work virtually anywhere as far as business is concerned. With this degree, you will be a hot cake.

Estate Management
Estate Management is a big shot in Nigeria now. Property are now highly valued in the country especially in strategic locations. As an estate manager, you get paid to manage people’s property. Since property is everywhere, you can virtually work anywhere.


Another lucrative course you can study is Pharmacy. I have great respect for all pharmacists. Just like medicine, you can easily set up your own place after school.

Even if you don’t want to, you can work in a hospital or a pharmacy. The pay is really good especially if you are self-employed.


Medicine - Image

Medicine may be overrated in this part of the world, notwithstanding, it is one of the most rewarding careers anyone can get into. It is without doubts one of the best science courses in Nigerian universities anyone can opt for.

If you have a natural desire to help the sick and take care of people, then this course is definitely for you. You will be highly paid and respected even outside Nigeria. You can work in a private or public hospital, or you can start your own hospital.

To Wrap it Up

There you have it – the best courses to study in Nigeria. As long as you do well in any one of these courses, you are most likely to land a good job with reasonable pay after school. If there is any course you feel should have made the list that didn’t, please let me know in your comments. Feel free to share with friends.

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